When you listen to KARA ORMAN on one side you can feel the passion for state-of-the-art pop music with funk, rock or electronic elements. But on the other side you can get an oriental flavor! You can feel the love for Anatolian folk sounds played with traditional instruments. And what started casually during a corona jam session in 2020 is now getting mellow with excellent musicians like Jörg Bielfeldt on the drums and Mert Eylem on the darbuka.

Besides in the background you can hear influences of Turkish artists of the 1970s like Neşe Karaböcek, Barış Manço and more, as well as similarities to contemporary world music acts like the Turkish psychedelic band Baba Zula.

But now it’s time to share their own music with a bigger audience! And if you give a chance, they probably will inspire you also – at least to enjoy music together and to dance!

Saz, Guitar, Vocals, Samples: Nazim Sabuncu
Drums: Jörg Bielfeldt
Percussion: Mert Eylem

article of German magazine
Begegnungen der Kulturen

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